Tough People Win: How to Create Mental Toughness in Your Program

Tough People Win: How to Create Mental Toughness in Your Program
Tough People Win: How to Create Mental Toughness in Your Program
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Product Description

Discover methods for developing physical and mental toughness that carries over to game day
  • See a "player role sheet" that clearly establishes team expectations and expected roles for the player and the parents
  • Get ideas on how to implement a Boot Camp in the off season to develop discipline, attention to detail and accountability
  • Learn in-season drills that help develop toughness, so you don't lose the edge you gained during the off-season
with Randy Jackson,
North Forney High School (TX) Head Coach;
former Grapevine (TX) High School Head Coach;
2015 Tom Landry Award winner

To establish a championship culture, your culture must be based on toughness. This is not a simple philosophy. Building toughness into your football program requires above and beyond effort from leadership within the coaching ranks, which is then passed down into the players on your team.

Randy Jackson shows you step-by-step how to run your program at a high level to develop and define your core values, as well as what toughness means to your program. Without this labor-intensive step, you will never build the toughness and discipline needed to win championships with your football program.

Coach Jackson's method is not about telling players they should be leaders and hoping they will figure it out on their own. His approach is driven by building a leadership academy for your program to mentor and monitor each step of the process. This forces you as a coach to be extremely prepared and organized to test, track and monitor everything you want your football players to be held accountable for.

Off-season Toughness

The objective of off-season toughness is to builder greater mental discipline, focus and vision into your athletes. You will witness an off-season program that teaches players to "finish" every drill, how to "get perfect," and a drill that challenges their mental focus. Witness how wrestling in the "circle of life" will create toughness in your team. You will also see "Boot Camp," where teamwork is the key and players learn discipline, toughness and commitment.

In-season Toughness

Coach Jackson explains his approach during the season, which is focused on grinding players hard. Players are expected to earn everything, and on Friday night it's "Payday," a core value that preaches that all the hard work is about to pay off. "Ball down" is a live action drill that teaches an "it's time to get tough" mindset. Competition is incorporated into every drill, teaching players to work hard and compete for everything, every day.

Player Role Sheets

Coach Jackson and his staff meet with their players three times a year to let them know where they stand within the program. They complete player evaluations for each athlete to review, read and sign. These evaluations are also sent home so each athlete can review with their parents. This bridges the gaps between the coaching staff, athlete and parents addressing playing time, goals and expectations.

This video will give you a huge advantage over your competition. Coach Jackson gives you everything you need to make your team mentally and physically tougher than any team on your schedule.

74 minutes. 2016.

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