Total Body Strength Training for Basketball

Total Body Strength Training for Basketball
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A total guide to improving explosive power under the hoop!

  • Discover the exercises needed to stimulate and strengthen the high twitch muscles to maximize speed and power while optimizing performance
  • See strength symmetry, plyometric, and accessory movement drills to develop posture, strength, and positioning
  • Learn how to combine exercises so that all athletes are working, not just standing around

with Brian Bingaman,
St. Joseph's University Director of Strength and Conditioning;
named a Master Strength & Conditioning Coach by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA), as well as Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC), and (Level 1 Club Coach) United States Weightlifting

See a systematic approach to strength training that prepares athletes for the launch and landing sequences required in competitive basketball.

Brian Bingaman takes you through a standard weight training day for St. Joe's basketball. By combining compound lifts with prehab and other smaller exercises, Bingaman expertly shows coaches how to maximize time in the weight room and train a variety of skills in shorter sessions. Knowing how to plan a workout and rotate players from weight station to weight station will get your workout to max levels of production. Each exercise is shown in detail and allows you to better instruct your athletes in such a critical area.

Plyometric Drills

In basketball, balance stability and quickness are critical skills that can lead to improvement on the court. Bingaman takes his athletes through a variety of hops over small hurdles and box jumps. Getting explosiveness in a jump and landing soft is emphasized, and you'll want your players to land soft and be ready to explode again if needed. Small hurdle hops include a variety of double and single leg exercises that are intended to build coordination and stability both forward and laterally. As the athletes progress, the focus shifts from stability to quickness, where Bingaman cues his athletes to "be quick off the ground," building reactive strength and power.

Olympic Lifts

Olympic lifts are a critical tool for developing explosive power while reinforcing the concept of triple extension. In this segment, Bingaman walks his athletes through a series of clean pulls and hang cleans using lifting blocks to teach triple extension and quick explosive movements. To maximize efficiency during this segment, these lifts are combined with mobility-based exercises to promote flexibility, core development and injury prevention.

Compound Lifts

Bingaman shows a variety of lower and upper body lifts designed to build strength and power. During this segment, he addresses the safety and strength benefits of using machines like leg press and pit shark squatting on heavy strength days in place of more conventional exercises like the squat. While Bingaman explains that squats are a great exercise that he uses in his program, he outlines his philosophy on using these machines to reduce spinal loading, enabling taller players to lift heavier with less risk.

This video from Coach Bingaman will help you develop your athletes' strength efficiently and wisely!

64 minutes. 2017.

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