Top Position: Skills to Dominate

Top Position: Skills to Dominate
Top Position: Skills to Dominate
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Product Description

  • Learn to apply the necessary pressure to manipulate and turn your opponent
  • Use a Back Leg Hook ride to set-up a cross face cradle or tight waist tilt
  • Become a punishing leg rider
  • Learn the art of hip pressure to keep your opponent on the mat
with Mark Manning, University of Nebraska Head Coach;
2x USA Wrestling Terry McCann Freestyle Coach of the Year (2015, 2017);
2009 Big 12 Conference Champions; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 U.S. Freestyle Olympic Volunteer Coach; 2011 FILA Freestyle Coach of the Year; 2009 U.S. Freestyle World Team Coach; 2009 Dan Gable Coach of the Year;
Coach of Jordan Burroughs (Olympic Champion, 3x World Champion and 2x NCAA Division I National Champion); and James Green (2015 World Bronze Medalist and 4x All American)

Controlling and dominating one's opponent is the ultimate goal in wrestling. In order to do so, wrestlers must understand the fundamentals of the top position. In this DVD, Mark Manning will teach you those fundamentals and much, much more. Soon, you will be riding and turning your opponents on your way to a successful season.

Coach Manning takes wrestlers through the following top techniques:

  • Arm Chop Tight Waist
  • Leg Over the Ankle
  • Wrist Ride into a Back Hook
  • Legs
In each area you will learn how to apply downward pressure during positioning and how to keep that pressure on your opponent throughout the match. You will learn to control your opponents' hips and keep them off balance and searching for answers to your offense. You will learn to turn your opponent with regularity.

Coach Manning shows you how to control your opponent with wrist rides, over-leg hooks, crab rides, legs and more. From each of these control positions, you will learn several effective turns and combinations. With this large variety of options, you can string together a number of turns to keep your opponent constantly guessing. Some of these turns include tilts, turks, arm bars and cradles. If one doesn't work, the other one will.

Wrestlers today need to tools and skills to turn and pin their opponents. Coach Manning provides a blueprint for giving your wrestlers the technique they need to be a dominator on top.

46 minutes. 2013.

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