Tom Ryan's Open Practice: Strongman Workout and Bottom Position Technique

Tom Ryan's Open Practice: Strongman Workout and Bottom Position Technique
Tom Ryan's Open Practice: Strongman Workout and Bottom Position Technique
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Use Tom Ryan's "Strongman" workout to develop the short, hard bursts of energy needed to win matches!

  • Learn how to build strong athletes using a "Strongman" workout
  • Learn how to escape an ankle ride - one of the most effective stalling tactics on top
  • Discover how a wall can be used as an effective training tool

with Tom Ryan,
Ohio State University Head Coach;
2015 NCAA Champions - Back-to-Back NCAA Runner-up finishes (2007-2009);
Back-to-Back Big Ten Champions (2018-17) - 3x Big Ten Champions (2015, 2017-18);
2015 Big Ten Coach of the Year;
2009 NWCA Coach of the Year;
former Hofstra University Head Coach; 6x Conference Champions, 7x Conference Coach of the Year;
2x All-American at the University of Iowa

featuring Lou Rosselli,
University of Oklahoma Head Coach;
former Ohio State University Assistant Coach,
NWCA Assistant Coach of the Year (‘09), USA Wrestling Freestyle ‘Coach of the Year' ('14);
3x U.S. Freestyle World Team Coach; USA Wrestling's ‘Terry McCann Freestyle Coach of the Year' ('07); 1996 Olympian, 2x All-American Wrestler (Edinboro)

In Tom Ryan's Ohio State wrestling presentation, you have the opportunity to see the intensity, competitiveness and attention to detail that is required at a powerhouse Division 1 wrestling program.

Strongman Workout

This session highlights their strength and conditioning workout that is done "Strongman-style" to effectively train wrestlers to be competition-ready. The workout is divided into five different exercises: the kettle drag, rope pulls, tire flips, medicine ball lifts and farmer's walk. In addition to physical training, mental toughness and competitiveness are emphasized with results recorded each session for all wrestlers. Also included are inexpensive ways to perform the workouts for low-budget programs.

Scoring from the Bottom Position

Former Associate Head Coach Lou Rosselli leads the team through a technical workout focusing on improving position and ultimately scoring from the bottom position. Drills emphasize the fundamentals of the stand up against a variety of rides, including when the opponent has seized an ankle. Rosselli emphasizes exploding off the whistle, proper head and back pressure into the opponent, and the correct way to cut. These small details make the difference between getting out and getting ridden.

Rosselli adds changeovers to develop motion on bottom, using the "old school" method of drilling against the wall. Walls can provide consistent pressure, ideal for practicing changeovers and cutting techniques. After drilling, the wrestlers go live in each situation. The session concludes with a short cardiovascular workout that can be integrated into any wrestling room.

Every wrestler can benefit from increasing overall strength and having the ability to attack with quick bursts! There's no one better to learn from than Ohio State's Tom Ryan.

64 minutes. 2016.

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