Tom Pecora: The Great Equalizer - The 2-3 Match-up Zone

Tom Pecora: The Great Equalizer - The 2-3 Match-up Zone
Tom Pecora: The Great Equalizer - The 2-3 Match-up Zone
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Product Description

  • Play great defense with an undersized or oversized team
  • Take your opponent completely out of their game plan
  • Enable your players to change their formation in the middle of a defensive possession
with Tom Pecora,
former Fordham University Head Coach;
former Hofstra University Head Coach;
2x Regional Coach of the Year

Coach Pecora takes a lot of the techniques that Louisville and Syracuse use to create a hybrid 2-3 Match-up Zone defensive system that is different than any other zone in basketball today. He uses a very simplistic approach to stopping and keeping pressure on the ball, moving on the pass, and closing out - all with a five-man rebounding mentality. Pecora presents the foundation of the defense, calls, progression drills, teaching tools and his philosophy for changing the formation his defense. Pecora shows how he disguises and transitions the 2-3 zone into a 1-3-1, 3-2 or man-to-man look. He also extends these defenses to half and 3/4 court. Extensive game footage shows his system in game situations to help you fully understand the benefits of running this defense. As a bonus, Pecora shows three zone offensive sets that he would run against this 2-3 Match-up zone, which will give you a unique perspective on how you could beat the 2-3 Match-up Zone. Pecora emphasizes a man-to-man defensive mindset for your team, which will keep your opponent off balance at all times.

61 minutes. 2009.

Produced at the Spring 2009 Myrtle Beach, SC Clinic

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