Tom Crean: Setting the Tone for a Successful Season

Tom Crean: Setting the Tone for a Successful Season
Tom Crean: Setting the Tone for a Successful Season
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  • Improve your Basketball coaching!
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with Tom Crean,
University of Georgia Head Coach;
former Indiana University Head Coach;
2016 Big 10 Coach of the Year;
2x Big 10 Regular Season Champions;
former Marquette University Head Coach;
2x Conference USA Coach of the Year; 2003 NCAA Final Four

The key to team success, chemistry and toughness is the tone that is set by the head coach. Coach Crean is a master at setting the tone and he shows you how in this DVD. The first key is coming to practice mentally prepared. Mental focus must be present when players hit the floor. He expects his players, coaches, managers and support staff to be ready to practice effectively with maximum effort. Secondly, positive energy is needed by players while coaches bring intensity and enthusiasm to every practice. The third element for setting the tone is to come in ready to compete, every second of practice. Crean's team demonstrates a variety of ball handling and shooting drills using cones and coaches as passers. Coming off down screens requires players to explode off the screen, use the inside pivot foot and "reach up" as they shoot. Moving into the full court, players work on 2-0 on ball screening situations. One-on-one close out drills become 2-on-2 as soon as the ball is in play. Full court transition drills require all players to concentrate and communicate in order to be effective. Crean concludes with a 25 point full court scrimmage and a 3 minute game that employ all of the techniques introduced in this practice session.

68 minutes. 2007.

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