Todd DeSorbo's All-Encompassing Approach to Sprint Freestyle Training

Todd DeSorbo's All-Encompassing Approach to Sprint Freestyle Training
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Learn an all-encompassing sprint freestyle training approach, including philosophy, planning, strategies, technique and training from one of the country's 'rising stars' in sprint coaching, Todd DeSorbo!

  • Discover a training philosophy that implements a system that focuses on power over endurance
  • See how DeSorbo constructs a complete seasonal plan that includes weekly/daily training focus areas for each phase of the season
  • Observe how to incorporate speed and power while developing critical technical components of the sprint free stroke

with Todd DeSorbo,
University of Virginia Head Coach; 2018 ACC Women's Championship;
former Associate Head Coach at NC State; helped the Wolfpack men capture three consecutive ACC titles and the women win the 2017 ACC title;
coached Olympic gold medalist Ryan Held (2016 Rio 4x100 free relay)

In this 7-part, three-video set, Todd DeSorbo details his overall sprint training philosophies as he shares his training phases, including examples of yearly, weekly and daily practice plans.

In the pool, DeSorbo shares how to blend speed, power, and technique training that melds with his philosophy of focusing on intensity and recovery, rather than relying on yardage, to build endurance. This video gives a fresh and contemporary perspective on how to train fast to swim fast for sprinters!

Part 1: Philosophies, Planning and Strategies for Training Sprinters

Training for sprinting is about developing the "top end speed" that is required for fast times. Coach DeSorbo believes that sprint training is similar to weight lifting in that both are progressions where you can keep getting stronger and faster.

DeSorbo uses a strength- and power-based approach to his training methodology that is designed to help athletes continually get faster throughout the season and from one season to the next. DeSorbo believes in continually challenging his swimmers in terms of stroke efficiency and speed and power development, and,  in keeping sprinters ‘on their toes' and engaged in the training through workout structure and the use of a variety of equipment and training methodologies.

Training Planning and Strategies:
DeSorbo uses a progression throughout the season consisting of four main phases:1. Aerobic - The first 4-6 weeks of the season that mainly involve team-based training to help athletes of varying fitness levels get into shape.2. Power Endurance - Once swimmers are in shape, this phase includes shortened sets that require more explosiveness while extending rest time.3. Power Development - When swimmers focus on increasing strength and raw power; DeSorbo compares this phase to that of a 1-rep max in the weight room.4. Competition/Championship - Shifts the emphasis from training to racing - fast!

DeSorbo offers detailed explanations of each of the seasonal progression phases including weekly and daily training structure examples for each of the phases. He also shares great insights on sprint event race strategies.

Part 2: Speed & Power Infused Technique/Training

While putting four of his sprint athletes through a drill series/workout that vividly demonstrates integrating speed, power, and sprint technique, DeSorbo offers ongoing narration as to the 'how and why' of each of the drill combinations; every drill has a specific purpose that reflects DeSorbo's purposeful training methodology.

Part 3: Starts

DeSorbo details the components he feels are essential for a great sprint start. His preferred start method includes an emphasis on the importance of the timing of the arm swing along with the importance of the lifting of the trail leg. He shares a brief start drill progression that emphasizes incorporating the arms into the dive.

Part 4: Turns

DeSorbo's mantra for walls throughout this entire video is that of hard push-offs. Coupling with the hard push-offs in this turn segment is developing a tight spin, keeping the feet low to get them onto the wall for a very hard push off that transitions into dolphin kick breakouts. DeSorbo shares some invaluable nuggets for ensuring a very fast sprint turn.

Part 5: Finishes

In this shorter segment, DeSorbo shares the technical make up of a championship finish with tips on how to touch the wall.

Part 6: Power Wall Training

To train the underwater through breakout aspects of sprint wall technique, DeSorbo takes his

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