Tips, Techniques & Drills for Teaching Young Kids Volleyball

Tips, Techniques & Drills for Teaching Young Kids Volleyball
Tips, Techniques & Drills for Teaching Young Kids Volleyball
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Product Description

  • Help young children love the sport of volleyball
  • Use fun and creative games for warm up
  • Learn how to use simple progressions to teach basic skills
  • Keep your kids coming back for more!
with Tim Vande Schraaf, President of the Eastside Volleyball club

It's important that young athletes develop good habits and solid volleyball skills from the very beginning. This can provide a solid foundation for the rest of their careers, as well as ensuring they enjoy the sport and will not get burnt out.

Tim Vande Schraaf and his staff at Eastside Volleyball Club provide a complete description of the club's youth volleyball programs. He explains the differences in coaching this age compared to high school aged players and what type of adjustments need to be made. With the main goal of keeping fun in mind, the coaches explain and demonstrate a complete warm-up, progression drills for volleyball skills, and game play to teach young kids the concepts of volleyball.

This video shows you effective methods for teaching young children the basic fundamentals of passing, setting, moving, approaching and attacking. The staff presents great tips on how to keep the kids coming back for more, which is crucial at these ages. At the end, they put all the skills together by illustrating how game-play can be presented to players of this young age.

The video includes everything that an organization would need to begin their own youth volleyball program. Numerous drills are presented and many of them are demonstrated by older, more experienced players. Learn the teaching cues and modifications that they use to teach the basics of volleyball successfully.

This is a great video for parents, recreation programs, volleyball clubs or any coach who wants to begin a youth camp or program.

Start you own youth program or find some great new ideas to add to your existing one. This video is perfect for any coach involved in coaching youth volleyball!

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

61 minutes. 2013.

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