Tim Miles: Developing a Winning Culture with Competitive Practice Drills

Tim Miles: Developing a Winning Culture with Competitive Practice Drills
Tim Miles: Developing a Winning Culture with Competitive Practice Drills
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Product Description

  • Discover GATA practice drills for building basketball toughness
  • Learn practice drills that will challenge your players to take their work ethic to another level
  • See techniques and drill strategies that will push your players to improve their basketball skill and IQ
  • Get strategies to improve and build your program's culture at any level
with Tim Miles, University of Nebraska Head Coach;
2014 Big Ten Coach of the Year;
former Colorado State head coach, 250 Career wins, 2012 NCAA Appearance, 2006 Division I Independent Coach of the Year CBS Sportsline

Innovative head coach Tim Miles gives you an on court demonstration of half court and full court offensive and defensive practice drills that have made his teams successful over the years. In his years of coaching, Miles has had the responsibility of taking below average basketball teams and building them into contenders. In this DVD presentation, Miles shows you some of the most valuable drills that he has used through the years to change the way his teams play. With each drill, you will get a look at how the drill is used to teach any aspect of the game - whether it's transition, half-court offense or defense, or full court pressure defense.

Coach Miles begins the session with a quick talk on how he has been able to change the culture of his programs. His discussion on what questions you should be asking yourself as you analyze your program are a great key to beginning the process of change. He also takes the time to stress the importance of knowing and winning your locker room.

Coach Miles provides you with nine practice drills and different ways you can limit the drills to teach your players any basketball skill that you need to work on. Each drill is designed to challenge your players tendencies and make them think about offensive/defensive actions. Miles uses drills that are on the move in the half-court or full court to keep players conditioned, alert, and aware of their habits. Coach uses:

  • 2-on-2 Drills - teaches players how to make smart and effective decisions in transition, reading screens, and defensive drills that train players to stay out of foul trouble.
  • 3-on-3 Drills - he provides creative ways to work on feeding the post and rebounding the ball instead of the same "pass to the post and make a move drill."
  • 4-on-4 Drills - Coach uses the entire floor to teach how to move without the ball and maximize your dribble against pressure defense.
Your players will benefit from any drill that Coach Miles demonstrates.

Then he takes the court to talk about his GATA program. His strategy is to push his team harder that they were used to or are used to. That if your games go through certain patterns then your practice pace may be of fault because they may reflect the pace of practice. If you have a long warm up every practice then get intense and float through the end and in games your players start slow, show well in the middle quarters then run out of steam it may be your practices.

This is practice drill DVD is great for any level of coach looking to add new and innovative toughness drills to push their players to the next level on the court.

Produced at the Fall 2011 Omaha (NE) clinic.

84 minutes. 2013.

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