The "Wildcat" Spread Offense

The "Wildcat" Spread Offense
The "Wildcat" Spread Offense
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with Harry Perretta,
Villanova University Women's Basketball Coach;
2018 Big East Co-Head Coach of the Year - 4x Coach of the Year;
over 740 career wins - All-time winningest coach in the history of Villanova basketball (men or women)

Coach Perretta has relied on his spread offense to produce consistent scoring and team success. Through changes and trends in the game, this balanced half-court offense has remained effective for Wildcat teams. Based on low risk passing, this offense generates numerous shot opportunities with few turnovers. Though it doesn't force many fouls, this finesse offense will test any defense with its constant movement and passing ... especially late in the game! From the 1-2-2 set, entries can be made four different ways; screen down, pin and pop, back screen/flare/pop out, curl and replace. Basic to this offense is the fact that players are interchangeable. Cutting, filling spots on the floor, screening and ball movement are all elements of this spread offense. Reads are important to this offense and are fully explained and demonstrated in this on-court session. Perretta includes numerous breakdown drills to teach the offense. While drills are important, scrimmaging constitute 75% of Perretta's practices. In live scrimmages, players must react instinctively and learn how to play, how to expose the defense, and gain insight into their teammates. This offense is easy to teach and easy for players to execute. It will lend flexibility, shot opportunities and confidence to your team. Coaches at all levels will want to invest time into this unique half-court offense that has yielded success for nearly 30 years.

39 minutes. 2006.

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