The Way of the Champion

The Way of the Champion
The Way of the Champion
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Product Description

  • Learn to cultivate behaviors that leads to developing habits of champions
  • Teach your athletes to look within to maximize their potential
  • Teach your athletes that competition is a process
  • Your opponent's greatest advantage is your lack of confidence
  • Develop a team culture of oneness and unity
In this incredible five-part series, Sport Psychologist, international speaker, corporate consultant and author Jerry Lynch shares a complete guide for coaches to help them help their athletes learn and develop the habits of champions. Lynch's credo is that of developing "A Champion's Soul with a Winner's Heart," and shares concepts and hands-on activities that will afford a coach the blueprint for how to implement and maintain a team culture for accountability and commitment for reaching for, and attaining, the highest potential. The disc, "Having the Right Stuff" is the cornerstone of the series that provides the base from which all of the other presentations are built upon.

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