The Volleyball Coaching Bible

The Volleyball Coaching Bible
The Volleyball Coaching Bible
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  • Improve your Volleyball coaching!
  • Learn from David Shondell!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
edited by Donald Shondell and Cecile Reynaud

In The Volleyball Coaching Bible, 24 of the top U.S. volleyball coaches share their principles, insights, strategies, methods, and experiences to help you learn new and better ways to coach the game and develop your players. Each time you open this book you'll learn something new from some of the most respected names in the game, such as: Mary Wise, Russ Rose, Mike Hebert, John Cook and John Dunning. Whether you need guidance on conditioning, coaching, scouting, or scoring, The Volleyball Coaching Bible provides you with the game plan for building a winning program.

368 pages. 2002.

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