The Versatile Run & Jump Press

The Versatile Run & Jump Press
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Get a detailed look at the versatile run and jump defense that has contributed mightily to four straight ICBA state championships!

  • Wear down opponents by forcing deflections, disrupting your opponent's offensive rhythm, and defending the basket
  • Learn how to build better pressing habits so your players will avoid diving through passing lanes and taking themselves out of the play
  • Discover drills that build a complete run and jump system, along with methods to tailor the system to your team's needs

with Jeremy Bialek,
2019 NCHBC National Champion; 2x Midwest Regional Champions (2009, 2019);
Indianapolis Homeschool Wildcats Head Boys Coach;
6x ICBA State Champions (2011, 2015-2019); over 440 career wins; 7x Conference Champions

Playing a fast-paced, pressure defense can be fun and exciting for your entire team. In this video, 2019 NCHBC National Champion and 6x IBCA State Championship (Indiana) coach Jeremy Bialek, explains why the run and jump defense has made his program so successful.

Running the run and jump defense creates an environment in which you can dictate the pace of the game and utilize a deeper bench if you have one. Bialek demonstrates how versatile you can make the run and jump by combining it with any half court defense.

Whiteboard Diagrams & Philosophy

If you're a coach that has to visualize rotations and setups, Bialek's detailed whiteboard session where he explains the roles, goals, rules, types, and attacks of this defense is immensely helpful. By disrupting your opponent's rhythm and style of play, you'll create an advantage before the game even starts. Your opponents will be forced to spend time preparing to beat your full court defense rather than focusing on how to run their own system. Since the run and jump is unpredictable, you can even make adjustments in-game, forcing your opponent to do the same.

On Court Set-Up

Guiding you through on-court demonstrations, Coach Bialek lays out the foundation and reads your players will need to look for in order to be successful.

Starting with an aggressive press, athletes pick up the ball as soon as it is inbounded, applying pressure and preventing direct passes or drives up the floor. Guards must have the ability to force opposing players toward the sideline or toward the middle. It's essential that your athletes learn the priorities when playing within the run and jump defense: disrupt, deflect, and defend (the rim and arc) while not overcommitting (driving out of the play), which allows opponents to create advantages the other way.

If an aggressive style of play isn't a good fit for your program, you can take the run and jump defense and play an alternate "contain" style of full court defense. In this method, players sit back in gaps and force ball handlers to use up as much time as possible, which forces more passes, may lead to an opponent making forced decisions, and could wear opponents down during the course of a game.


With any full court pressure defense, players must be able to defend in transition and play a man down once the press is beat. Coach Bialek demonstrates how to prepare players to be ready for any disadvantage situation.

Starting with simple 1-on-1 full court drills, Bialek shows how to get ahead and cut off the ball handler as they change their pace and speed in the open court. In 1-on-3 Full Court, defenders learn to sprint from one ball handler to the next, stopping the offense from taking the ball straight to the rim and keeping the ball in front of them. Building to 4-on-4-on-4 Continuous, Bialek demonstrates how players need to set-up the press quickly and develop habits and reads as second nature.

This video provides the complete full court run and jump defensive package. If you're looking for a full court defense that will allow you to utilize your bench more and create disruption, deflections, and defend the arc, look no further!

132 minutes. 2018.

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