The Uptempo Process: "Hair on Fire" Offense from Installation to Game Night

The Uptempo Process: "Hair on Fire" Offense from Installation to Game Night
The Uptempo Process: "Hair on Fire" Offense from Installation to Game Night
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Take your offensive installation from the marker board to the practice field to game night with a "hair on fire" tempo
  • Learn how to put together a playbook that includes everything you need to better prepare your coaches and players
  • Learn how to grade and breakdown video to use it as a tool for improving performance
  • Learn a play signaling system that will enable your team to play as fast as possible
with Randy Jackson,
North Forney High School (TX) Head Coach;
former Grapevine (TX) High School Head Coach;
2015 Tom Landry Award winner

Randy Jackson unveils a unique and no-holds-barred teaching tool on how to teach, drill, practice and execute an offense. He takes you through his playbook outline; developing a composite schedule, a review of the previous year, goals, relationships, personal philosophy, expectations and evaluation as well as his offense and installation schedule.

Building a Playbook

The playbook is a vital resource that contains all information related to your offense and can be used year-round to help better prepare your coaches and players.

Coach Jackson's offensive philosophy starts with "ball security, it's all about the ball." Throughout the video, coaches preach "fist to chin when the ball is in your hand." The goal of Coach Jackson's offense is to score once in every 15 snaps with three or fewer penalties per game.

Film Study

Coach Jackson discusses how to watch video in a way that minimizes time and maximizes production on Saturday when preparing for an opponent. He shares tools and samples of how his staff grades their own players' performance and uses it as a tool for better performance the next game.

Game Planning

Coach Jackson shares the game night structure they utilize to communicate among coaches during and in between each series. You'll learn a simple and foolproof plan for signaling plays that will allow you to play fast and with confidence. Play calling includes the entire coaching staff as well as sign boards. This will give you a foundation to keep the tempo at a high rate while maintaining great communication among coaches.

The game plan each week centers on four basic run schemes grouped into families: Zone, Power, Counter and Buck Sweep. For each run scheme, there's a formation to the field and to the boundary with a motion and static to each. Off of each run scheme is a (RPO) run, pass option, a screen, reverse, boot or play action.

Rarely do coaches allow such access to the nuts and bolts of how they go about working their offensive system. The information and creative thinking from Coach Jackson will stimulate you as a coach and will help you and your team find success on the field.

60 minutes. 2016.

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