The Unstoppable, "No Mistake" 5-Out Motion Offense

The Unstoppable, "No Mistake" 5-Out Motion Offense
The Unstoppable, "No Mistake" 5-Out Motion Offense
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with Harry Perretta,
Villanova University Women's Basketball Coach;
2018 Big East Co-Head Coach of the Year - 4x Coach of the Year;
over 740 career wins - All-time winningest coach in the history of Villanova basketball (men or women)

After years in the designing stage, this offense has finally come to fruition for Coach Perretta. This very unique, versatile motion uses a number system, 1-7, to signal specific actions by his players. Its name comes from the idea that there are no mistakes that can't be easily corrected. Players who make wrong cuts simply fill open spots on the floor and continue playing. This allows players to play loose, and aggressive, without fear of hurting their team. A numbering system puts the coach and the players on the same page, cutting out useless effort and time. Benefits are that it spreads the floor, offers opportunities for dribble penetration, creates 3-point shots and is virtually "unscoutable." A built in advantage is that both coaches and players can call numbers without stopping the flow of the game. Player freedom is enhanced by the "option" call, which give players total control of the cuts and options provided by the offense. In this on court presentation, you will see excellent breakdown drills that will help you install this offense quickly. Perretta boasts that this motion is easily altered according to the types of players in your program. This Unstoppable, "No Mistake" offense is a player favorite and can be effective at different levels. Players will buy into this rare numbered motion leading to a fast learning curve and half-court success.

44 minutes. 2006.

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