The Triple Option Offense

The Triple Option Offense
The Triple Option Offense
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with Kerry Coombs,
Ohio St. University Assistant Coach (Cornerbacks);
former University of Cincinnati Associate Head Coach/Defensive Backs Coach;
former Colerain HS (OH) Head Coach;
2004 Ohio State Champions and five Ohio High School state semifinal appearances

The triple option has many benefits: Option football does not require great linemen, it can use time and dictate tempo, it is difficult to prepare for, and simulating the option is hard for opponents to do in practice. At the high school level, having good players at the quarterback, dive back and the pitch position will give you a great chance to be successful. Coach Haynes explores Colerain's system of triple option football. Haynes divides the line into a quick side and strong side. He presents two blocking schemes against the "50 Front." The inside veer can be used against a "4 linebacker" look. Running the ball to the "1 technique" is a part of this attack. A double team scheme is taught for specific situations, and is demonstrated on the board in this DVD. Because of savvy defenses, many adjustments must be made with this offense. Haynes goes through a step-by-step approach to making changes during the game. This presentation concludes with game footage, which enhances the presentation.

56 minutes. 2006.

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