The Top 10 Things World Champions Know That You Don't

The Top 10 Things World Champions Know That You Don't
The Top 10 Things World Champions Know That You Don't
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  • Learn how you and your players can have laser-like focus--even when you "don't feel like it"
  • Learn how to incorporate mental conditioning into your daily practice routine
  • Get tools to limit distractions and help athletes perform their best
  • See how D-1 programs incorporate breathing processes into their daily routines to help overcome adversity
with Brian Cain, Sport Psychology Consultant;
former college baseball coach and adjunct professor of sport psychology; has worked with the Washington Nationals, many NCAA Division I programs across the country and the Martensdale St. Mary's (IA) High School Baseball team who, in 2011, set the all-time National High School Baseball record with 87 consecutive wins

Foster the mental skills your players need to perform their best when it means the most.

Ever wondered how champions always seem to thrive under pressure or consistently perform in the clutch? In this concise, information-packed video, Brian Cain gives you a 10-step program to implement proven mental-conditioning approaches and develop mental toughness.

Cain goes in-depth about how to create a champion's mentality. Learn "the power of 30 seconds," what Roy Halladay uses before every game to get focused, how to overcome the two biggest challenges in baseball - boredom and frustration and more:

  • Determine how investing time daily in mental conditioning drills can help improve your players' concentration and focus.
  • Use the 'signs of success' to advertise your team's mental approach.
  • Implement the 5-4-3-2-1 technique to put your players into a position for success.
  • Identify the difference between the things players can and cannot control.
  • Learn how to teach your players to breathe to gain self-control and stay in the moment.
  • Discover how confidence can be a choice for your players.
  • Understand how to get your players to become great team leaders.

One critical aspect of the mental game is learning how to focus on the process over the outcome of situation. This aspect of the mental game is covered in detail so your athletes will focus on the process of the game and not what may or may not happen.

You will come to understand why it is true that the best team doesn't always win and why. Cain gives you his top mental conditioning exercises that you and your team can do every single day and also gives tips on how to get your athletes involved in the teaching process.

These mental training techniques will put your players, team and program on the inside track to maximizing their mental edge over your opponents.

34 minutes. 2012.

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