The Team Captain's Culture Manual

The Team Captain's Culture Manual
The Team Captain's Culture Manual
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Advanced Leadership Training for Your Team Leaders

The all-new Team Captain's Culture Manual provides advanced leadership training for your team leaders. It truly is the next level of leadership training for your captains and the perfect follow up resource to use after your leaders complete the original Team Captain's Leadership Manual.

The new, next level Team Captain's Culture Manual is a comprehensive 10-module Advanced Leadership Development Program designed to help you and your captains develop a Championship Culture in your program. This easy-to-follow, 10-module program provides you with a practical and proven, step-by-step Advanced Leadership Development Program to develop the leaders on your team.

Designed specifically for college and high school team leaders and tested with the nation's top athletic departments, the Team Captain's Culture Manual is written in an engaging workbook format complete with insightful questions, in-depth evaluations, helpful checklists, enrichment exercises, coach/captain meeting notes, etc. So your leaders can customize all the Championship Culture building concepts to your team and their leadership on a weekly basis.

208 pages. 2015.

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