The Switching 2-3 Zone Defense

The Switching 2-3 Zone Defense
The Switching 2-3 Zone Defense
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Product Description

  • This is an ideal defense for teams with athletic forwards or for teams that are undersized
  • Gain the ability to interchange players on defense for more flexibility
  • See player rotations to intercept skip passes to the weak side, without jeopardizing the integrity of the defense
  • Limit your opponent's effectiveness by trapping the high post, low post, and short corner out of the zone
with Dan Hibson,
former High School Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Hillsdale in San MateoSan Mateo (CA); Took a team with zero league wins in the previous 10 years to qualifying for back-to-back playoff appearances.

Dan Hibson took his former high school program, which had not won a league game in over a decade, to back-to-back playoff appearances using this defense as the foundation of his program. Now you can learn the principles and techniques of this proven system.

Coach Hibson's 2-3 Switching Zone Defense combines the aggressive pressure of man defense while giving you the basket protection of a zone. This presentation includes an introduction of breakdown drills on the whiteboard, a software simulation to show the strategies and movement of the defense, and an extended on-court demonstration with players.

Chalk Talk
Coach Hibson explains the sequence of drills needed to implement the defense and the reasons why the defense is successful. The points of emphasis of the Switching 2-3 Zone Defense are:

  • Force out-of-rhythm outside shots
  • Double team the high post
  • Double team the short corner
  • Triple team the low post
  • Clog/deny any passes from the sideline (wing or corner) to the post
  • Stop drives from the sideline (wing or corner) to the post
  • Guards and forwards are interchangeable and play both positions defensively
  • Most steals will come from corner-to-low post passes and skip passes
On the Court Drills
The problem with most zone defenses is the lack of pressure on the offense and the inability to protect both the post and the 3-point line. Coach Hibson was faced with this same problem and spent considerable time developing a simple yet effective solution. The drills are taught in a sequential order that builds on top of each other for a quick and effective teaching method. Each drill is aimed to progressively build your players' understanding of the rotations in order to make their in-game decisions second nature. Drills include:
  • 3-on-3 Closeout Drill
  • 5-on-3 "We Can Hustle" Drill (W=wing, C=clog, H=high post)
  • 5-on-5 Skip and Switch Drill
  • 7-on-5 High Post - Low Post Drill
Coach Hibson does a great job of talking through each part he teaches and the individual skills within each part. Regardless of whether you're a zone defense coach or a man defense coach, you will be able to utilize both styles with this defense.

In the last portion of the video, you will see the full version of the defense in action against the most common offensive alignment for this zone defense. You see how the defense prevents rhythm jump shots and protects the post by clogging the middle.

Now you can deliver man defense pressure out of a 2-3 zone while guarding the post and the 3-point line. Order now!

85 minutes. 2013.

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