The Softball Pitching Factory: The Challenging Change Up!

The Softball Pitching Factory:  The Challenging Change Up!
The Softball Pitching Factory: The Challenging Change Up!
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  • Keep hitters off-balance and keep them guessing.
  • Discover seven variations for the change up.
  • Learn to disguise the change and maximize its effectiveness.
with Nancy Evans,
#1 all time pitching record in NCAA history and 3rd all time in wins,
1998 National Player of the Year (Honda Award), 6 NCAA Championships (as player & coach);
was an assistant softball coach at her alma mater, Arizona, and also at DePaul University; coached the Dutch National team to their first European Championship title in 19 years,
3x All-Star in the National Professional Fastpitch (NPF), a member of the 30 player Pac-12 'All Century Team'

The "challenging" change up is a great pitch to throw to keep opposing hitters guessing and off-balance. Nancy Evans presents the most comprehensive session available on DVD on how to effectively throw and utilize an effective change up. She demonstrates grips, mechanics, the release, and follow-through for seven variations of the change. Evans not only shows you how to throw the change, but discusses when to use it in a game to maximize its effectiveness. She provides progressive drills that help teach the pitch one step at a time and will improve your motion. Using full speed demonstrations, Coach Evans shows exactly how the pitch should be thrown and gives tips on proper placement. She includes a look at common errors pitchers make when throwing the change and how to correct those errors. When disguised and thrown correctly, the change up is a very effective pitch and a great compliment to the fastball and rise ball.

43 minutes. 2005.

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