The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running Game

The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running Game
The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running Game
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with Greg Wallace,
former Grinnell College Head Football Coach
and Jeff Pedersen,
Grinnell Head Football Coach

Consistently producing rushing yards is yet another benefit of the Wing-T offense. In this excellent DVD, Coaches Wallace and Pedersen use diagrams and game footage to illustrate and teach this exciting brand of football. This presentation details blocking techniques for the offensive line and the skill position players. Wallace and Pedersen highlight three staple plays of their Wing-T running game: Tailback Sweep, Quarterback Sweep and the Counter Trey Option. For each play they diagram the formation alignment, blocking schemes and fundamentals, and reads. To add flexibility to the package, they include variations, fakes, and misdirection. This DVD dives into such critical areas as timing, spacing, and reads for the quarterbacks and running backs. In addition, Coach Pedersen shares secrets for disguising plays utilizing fakes and misdirection to help balance the attack. Once diagrammed on the board, game footage delivers a valuable illustration of these three prominent running plays. This DVD is a must for any coach wanting to implement the Shotgun Wing-T into your offensive system!

41 minutes. 2006.

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