The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Passing Game

The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Passing Game
The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Passing Game
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with Greg Wallace,
former Grinnell College Head Football Coach
and Jeff Pedersen,
Grinnell Head Football Coach

A dangerous passing attack adds to the versatility of the popular Shotgun Wing-T offense. Coaches Wallace and Pedersen break down their passing attack using game footage and marker board presentations. Special emphasis is given to the 3-step, 5-step and the roll out passing game. Wallace details the blocking schemes of each while Pedersen explains the passing routes. The 3-step attack relies on a picket fence approach to protect the passer as well as down the seam and outside passing attacks. The 5-step attack focuses on the Dig Post route, a randomly used big play option. The third option, the roll out passing game, gives quarterbacks great flexibility - allowing them to break containment to their advantage. Picket fence blocking and the smash route for receivers make the roll out a valuable offensive option. Two trick plays, the waggle screen and the sweep reverse, are also highlighted. Throughout the DVD emphasis is given to quarterback footwork, technique and the importance of making reads. The options provided in the Wing-T Passing Attack will make any offense a threat to score on every play!

55 minutes. 2006.

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