The Secrets of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense

The Secrets of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense
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  • In depth instruction on basketball's new Dribble Drive Motion Offense with Tony Bergeron
  • On-court demonstration of each player's responsibilities within the offense
  • Walk through of all angles, spacing and positioning that are key for all players
with Tony Bergeron,
Five-Star Basketball Coach/Instructor and
American Christian H.S. (PA) Head Coach

The Dribble-Drive Motion Offense is one of the hottest offenses in America today and is being used by teams at every level to help light up the scoreboard. Tony Bergeron shares with you the teaching points and drills needed to incorporate this offense into your program. Coach Bergeron begins by teaching the responsibilities of each player, demonstrating how the entire offense is built on dribble penetration and the players' ability to read the defense. Using on-court demonstrations, Bergeron walks you through the angles, spacing and positioning that are key for all players.

This in-depth video builds up from one-on-one to eventual five-on-five, utilizing key teaching components of the offense. Bergeron shows how you begin using the offense no matter what personnel your team has and how you can tailor the offense to the strengths of your players. Easy to learn but difficult to guard, the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense can be the difference to help your team win more games next season.

135 minutes. 2008.

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