The Pro Wing-T Offense

The Pro Wing-T Offense
The Pro Wing-T Offense
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Product Description

  • Add versatility to the Wing-T
  • Force the defense to cover the entire field
  • Attack the defense at multiple points
with Dennis Creehan,
former West Virginia Wesleyan College Head Coach;
former Calgary Stampeders (CFL) Defensive Coordinator;
30 year professional and collegiate coach

In this instructional football DVD, Dennis Creehan shows you how to "modernize" the Wing-T offense by running it out of a pro set.

Creehan highlights the many benefits of the versatile Pro Wing-T Offense including the ability to attack the defense at multiple points from the same formation. Play action passing is the catalyst of Creehan's offense, which makes the Wing-T a great passing offense and provides good run/pass balance. Each play can be run with and without motion. Creehan diagrams the Sweep Series and the Belly Series out of the pro set and includes counters, waggles, option game, draw plays and many more options for each series.

With Coach Creehan's instruction, you can build a Wing-T offensive attack that balances passing and running from flank-to-flank.

78 minutes. 2008.

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