The Pro Passing Game from the Wing-T

The Pro Passing Game from the Wing-T
The Pro Passing Game from the Wing-T
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Product Description

  • Transform your Wing-T Offense into a passing offense
  • Use multiple formations while running the Wing-T
  • Increase your passing options
with Dennis Creehan,
former West Virginia Wesleyan College Head Coach;
former Calgary Stampeders (CFL) Defensive Coordinator;
30 year professional and collegiate coach

Dennis Creehan, using detailed marker board instruction, describes the Pro 100 and its basic formation in the Wing-T.

The Pro 100 allows you to place your wingback, tailback and end in multiple positions and provides a four wide-out look for success against any defense. In addition, he shows protection rules and specific roles for the center, tackles and guards.

Creehan's route package is interwoven with one scheme related directly to the next. The curl, stick, Texas, and sail routes give three distinct looks as each flows into the other. Five curl, three stick, two Texas, and two sail routes gives you the template for an explosive and versatile passing attack. Creehan includes four vertical routes that provide seven additional options.

When mixed with the run game, the Wing-T gives scoring options equal to any offense in today's game.

62 minutes. 2008.

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