The Pitcher's Edge: Preparing to Win

The Pitcher's Edge: Preparing to Win
The Pitcher's Edge: Preparing to Win
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  • Create the precise foundation on which confidence is built and maintained
  • Master the specific mechanics that form the foundation of effective pitching
  • Learn how to help your pitchers make effective in-game adjustments
  • Engage in the visualization techniques employed at the highest level of competition, including national championships, world championships, and the Olympics
with Lisa Fernandez,
UCLA Pitching Coach, 3x Olympic gold-medal winner; 3x Honda award winner for softball;
the first softball player ever to win the Honda-Broderick Cup (the top collegiate female athlete across all sports), 4x first-team All-American (at UCLA , 2 NCAA Championships); named the Pac-12 'Pitcher of the Century' and a member of the 30 player Pac-12 'All Century Team'

Bring your best stuff onto the field every timeā€”and prepare to win even during those times when "your best stuff" isn't there.

Utilizing video footage, props, demonstrations, and straightforward expert analysis that draws on unmatched personal experience, UCLA Pitching Coach Lisa Fernandez delivers a truly comprehensive clinic on pitching preparation.

Starting with the premise that confidence comes from preparation and mechanics, Coach Fernandez delivers generous amounts of highly detailed insights into how, exactly, she and others at her level prepare to win. She covers everything from instilling the proper 5-phase mechanics and control at the earliest age, to specific visualization techniques for the night before, to game-day preparation, to a unique method for marking the field and guiding the pitcher's stride only moments before she throws the first pitch.

She also presents specific approaches for handling all sorts of in-game adversity, including those moments when "feel" just isn't enough. With valuable tips for players literally at every stage, this is a video that will grow as your players grow, but is also immediately beneficial to women competing at the very highest levels of the sport today.

Take your pitchers into that magical zone where they're both hyped up and in control, dominating hitters from the very first pitch, because they've prepared properly from day one.

95 minutes. 2011.

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