The Pistol Wing-T X's and O's Series

The Pistol Wing-T X's and O's Series
The Pistol Wing-T X's and O's Series
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Product Description

  • Combine a common blocking scheme and look-alike backfield actions with multidimensional families of plays
  • Learn how to practice mesh points and speedy, effective fakes to get the defense guessing and false stepping
  • Discover a "20 easy passes per game model" from the Pistol alignment that creates a highly dynamic offense
  • Learn 15 play formations that will confuse the defense, force them to make mistakes, and result in big plays
with Rick Stewart,
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach;
Revitalized football programs at three separate high schools. McFarland improved from 0-24 to a playoff team in their second year. Corkrin improved from 0-27 to undefeated league champions in their second year. Porterville improved from winning 8 games total over their last 5 seasons to winning 40 games in their next 5 seasons and back-to-back championships.

"Our football program over my first 6 years had a record of 9 wins and 51 losses. This season we were 7-3! It was the most wins in 23 years and we made the playoffs for the first time in 23 years! Offensively, we averaged 15 points per game in 2014. [After installing the offense] in 2015 we averaged 24.6 points per game."
Phil Marino, Head Football Coach
Columbus High School (GA)

If you find that your team is regularly outmatched, winning a football game can be a real challenge. Rick Stewart is a master of helping teams with losing traditions turn their programs around. He has lead three separate high school programs through transitions from perennial losers into playoff-caliber squads.

In this video, Coach Stewart will provide you a detailed overview of the Pistol Wing-T system that has lead to his repeated successes. This up-tempo offense combines a powerful running attack, misdirection, and passing game to score - even against opponents with superior talent. From the advantages and disadvantages to running the Pistol Wing-T, to the attributes of different positions within the offense, to the technique of snapping the ball, Coach Stewart spares no detail in sharing what makes this system work.

Run Family

See how Coach Stewart organizes his plays into three main "families:" Belly, Buck and Down. Each has the ability to take advantage of a common blocking scheme while still having the flexibility to get the ball to each of your backfield players and attack the defense in a number of ways. This creates a system of "if-then" scenarios where you can always make the defense wrong with the tactics they attempt to use against you. Game film from a variety of schools that have already embraced the Pistol Wing-T revolution will introduce you to some of the plays within the system.

"Look-a-Like" Formations

Coach Stewart shares the importance of "look-a-like" motions and blocking schemes that allow for multiple plays from the same formations, making defensive game preparation and reads difficult.

Learn how to confuse the defense with the combination of 15 different formations and up-tempo huddle system. Through visualizations using PowerPoint, player demonstration, and computer simulation, Coach Stewart demonstrates how to huddle players so they can quickly run a play within seconds. Essential details like the fast timing of the snap count and sending players into motion confuse the defense and make it hard for your opponent to run many blitzes or different packages against you. Coach Stewart shows you how the pace can be accelerated even further with a no huddle system.


A system for clearly communicating all of the intricacies of the offense to your players is critical. Coach Stewart utilizes schematics and game film throughout the video to demonstrate how he has changed the Wing-T terminology to simplify play calls for the high school athlete. You will see how plays are signaled from the sideline to players in both huddle and no huddle situations. He continues this simplification by demonstrating and explaining the most efficient huddle strategy for deception and conflict with his easy-to-learn play calling system.

Coach Stewart teaches you all of the terminology that is needed to call out formations, play families, blocks, routes, and more for every snap of the ball. He will walk you through the creation of a play with diagrams that visualize each of his verbal

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