The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 4-4 and 4-2-5 Defenses

The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 4-4 and 4-2-5 Defenses
The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 4-4 and 4-2-5 Defenses
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  • Learn to test the defense to find and exploit its weak points
  • Install multiple plays to attack and take advantage of a defender's run/pass assignments
  • Attack the flank with a series of runs and passes to exploit of the outside linebacker
  • Create unbalanced lines to force defenders to shift and create unnatural defensive alignments
with Rick Stewart,
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach,
Coach Stewart has used this offensive system to turn around three different schools that had poor records including 0-20, 1-19 and a team that won eight games in the 5 years prior to his arrival. Coach Stewart led each team to the playoffs with in his first two seasons at the helm.

If you have struggled to move the ball against the 4-2 and 4-4 defenses, help is on the way! Rick Stewart gives you an attack plan that will allow your team to light up the scoreboard and attack the defense with both the run and the pass.

Starting before the season even begins, Coach Stewart shares his out of season scouting procedure and discusses why it is important to understand how teams are going to defend your offense. This gives you time to plan your attack for each team on your schedule. He also goes over the basics of his Pistol Wing-T offense, describing his terminology and the number system he uses.

Moving to strategy, Coach Stewart shows you an effective way to identify the front of the 4-4 and 4-2-5 defenses. Stewart attacks the 4-2/4-4 defense off tackle first, as he runs at the defensive end and determines his technique. If the end flies up field, you can run the Down, G-Lead and Belly Counter. If the defensive end squeezes and the Outside Backer is reading, the Buck Sweep, Inside and Outside Veer are available options. Stewart covers each possible defensive technique and how he attacks it.

Learn how to attack the flank and how to put the number 4 defender in "conflict." The OLB has to defend the alley and defend the flats. By attacking his assignment with motions and play actions he is in constant conflict. When the middle softens up, you can attack it with the 32 G, the 34 Veer, Option, Fly Sweep, Belly Pass and Down Pass.

Coach Stewart includes his passing game and shows you how he attacks Cover 3, Roll Cover 2 and man-to-man. You'll see a sprint package that gets your QB on the edge with the option to run or pass the ball.

You can combine play action passing and the sprint passing game to attack the defensive zones covered by the OLB and corners or the corners and free safety. You will see each play diagrammed by Stewart along with practice and game footage.

As a bonus, Stewart shares his screens and wrap around draw play rounding out an incredible offensive package!

This is a proven system that Stewart has used to turn around three different high school programs. Use his knowledge and create an offensive system that has an answer for every defensive adjustment.

124 minutes. 2013.

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