The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 4-3 Defense

The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 4-3 Defense
The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 4-3 Defense
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Product Description

  • Systematically attack and decimate the 4-3 defense from the inside out
  • Learn to attack the 1- and 3-technique defensive tackle with options and counters
  • Discover an effective way to identify the front of the 4-3 defense and how to adjust your play calls accordingly
  • Put 4-3 safeties in conflict and take advantage of their alignment and individual assignments
with Rick Stewart,
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach,
Coach Stewart has used this offensive system to turn around three different schools that had poor records including 0-20, 1-19 and a team that won eight games in the 5 years prior to his arrival. Coach Stewart led each team to the playoffs with in his first two seasons at the helm.

Coach Stewart uses a power point presentation before showing you practice and game video of his dynamic Pistol Wing-T offense shredding the 4-3 defense. The key in defeating the 4-3 defense is the ability to run the ball from the inside out and putting the safeties in conflict: "Is it run or pass?"

Coach Stewart provides a very detailed plan for attacking the 4-3 defense beginning with off season scouting up to and including your next game. He explains how to scout your opponent from the previous season by identifying returning players and then creating a reaction diagram for each play. Reaction diagrams will help coaches understand who is reading running backs versus linemen. It will also pinpoint alley players and show how safeties are responding to motion and formation alignments. The need for "if then" statements is covered so you can call plays and make game time adjustments effectively.

The Pistol Wing-T allows for a multiple formation attack to force the defense to declare their gap assignments and pass zones. To start the game, Coach Stewart likes to attack the defense from the inside. Coach Stewart explains the G Trap, Gut, Tackle Trap, and Midline, describing when and where to attack the defense. You'll see the best way to gain an advantage on bigger defensive tackles. You'll also learn how to attack the off-tackle hole with various motions and formations, including the G Lead, GT, and Crisscross series.

The 4-3 Defense leaves the flats vulnerable in the Cover 4, so Stewart shows how to take advantage with a variety of sweeps, screens and options. Coaches will find his seven man alignment diagrams useful in deciding whether to initially attack the middle, off tackle or flank of a defense.

The Pistol Wing-T passing game attacks the various coverages and provides for big play potential when the defense over-commits to stop the high powered running game.

This DVD takes the traditional Wing-T to a whole new level, coaches at all levels will benefit from Coach Stewart's insight on attacking the 4-3 defense with the Wing-T Pistol Offense.

100 minutes. 2013.

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