The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 3-4 and 5-2 Defenses

The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 3-4 and 5-2 Defenses
The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Attacking the 3-4 and 5-2 Defenses
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  • Destroy the 3-4 and 5-2 defenses by putting the alley player in conflict
  • Attack the flank by using multiple blocking calls in the option game
  • Use the quick passing game to expose the flats when the safeties are in cover 2
  • Creative offensive formations that force the defense to adjust to multiple sets
with Rick Stewart,
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach,
Coach Stewart has used this offensive system to turn around three different schools that had poor records including 0-20, 1-19 and a team that won eight games in the 5 years prior to his arrival. Coach Stewart led each team to the playoffs with in his first two seasons at the helm.

Rick Stewart combines traditional Wing-T concepts with new strategies to create the unique Pistol Wing-T. Coach Stewart details the innovative Pistol Wing-T Offense and shows you where the 7 man front defense is vulnerable - and how to exploit it.

Discover where to attack and when to attack certain areas of the 5-2 defense. Stewart shows you how to attack the flanks of the defense and how to use formations to force defense to adjust to you.

To be successful, you will need to put the safety in conflict. To do that, Stewart covers the Belly Option, Belly Pass, G Sweep, Fly Sweep, and down pass. Force your opponent to adjust to you using the Outside Veer, the Down, and the G Lead. All of these plays are explained with power point and on the field.

Once you have forced the defense to adjust to your flank and off-tackle attack, Coach Stewart shows you how to attack the middle of the defense.

When the safeties come down too quickly it opens up the play action passing game. Stewart employs the sprint passing game with play action and drop-back passing to attack the two safety look. As a bonus he shares his thoughts on attacking chase motion and the use of trick plays in attacking the 3-4/5-2 defense. If you are currently running the Wing-T or have to defend someone running it, this video is a must.

The bonus side of the passing attack is that lineman don't have to learn a complex set of rules or techniques in the Pistol Wing-T passing game. Stewart explains the Trap, On, Belly, Belly Wham and the Veer to the tight end and away from the tight end. Plus a few wrinkles on how to run the option.

This season, attack the 3-4 and 5-2 with confidence!

111 minutes. 2013.

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