The Pistol Running Game

The Pistol Running Game
The Pistol Running Game
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  • Learn how to correct the common errors made while running the zone, zone trap, and zone read out of the pistol formation
  • Learn simple rules to help a quarterback consistently make the correct decision on the zone read play
  • Learn simple rules for zone blocking in the pistol offense
with Jose Lucero, Desert Edge (AZ) High School Offensive Coordinator;
under Coach Lucero Desert Edge averaged 42 points per game in 2012

In this must-have DVD, Coach Lucero breaks down various plays and alignments he uses in the pistol run game. Learn the ins and outs of the strategies that have significantly changed his offensive production.

Coach Lucero covers the inside zone, zone read, zone trap, outside zone and two back plays in a power scheme. Using a PowerPoint presentation and game film to discuss the rules and techniques of his scheme, Coach Lucero creates a simple approach that will enable you to immediately implement this offense. Beginning with the inside zone, he covers the basic rules and keys to running a successful zone scheme. Variations of the inside zone, including the zone trap and zone read (veer, veer bluff, veer trap, veer hi and veer low), are discussed in detail. Coach Lucero also talks about his two back variations with kick and jet.

You'll also get great information on offensive line blocking rules that can be used for running plays against both an even and an odd front. Coach Lucero explains the challenges you might encounter with different running plays, and adjustments you can make to overcome them. Game footage is used to more fully illustrate each running play.

Use Coach Lucero's simplified approach to a running game for greater offensive success next season. Allow your athletes to get into space and your line to be physical off the line within this zone pistol offense.

Produced at the 2013 Las Vegas (NV) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

49 minutes. 2013.

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