The Pistol Horn Play

The Pistol Horn Play
The Pistol Horn Play
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Product Description

  • Learn how to outnumber or match defense at point of attack
  • A tight end-based play that's a staple of the Pistol Offense
  • Regardless of the defensive alignment, this play has an answer
  • Pass plays that will complement the Horn run play
  • A counting system to determine the best way to run the horns play
with Chris Klenakis, University of Louisville Assistant Coach/Run Game Coordinator

Effective, easy to implement and adaptable to many different situations, the horn play is an integral part of one of the most exciting offenses to come along in decades. Chris Klenakis, an innovative offensive line coach who helped develop the pistol offense, details one of his top running plays in this dynamic presentation. The horn play, which is similar to the traditional "Wing T Buck Sweep" play but with a tight end, will help stretch the field while creating a north-south downhill power running approach.

This true power scheme stretches the field horizontally. It utilizes an athletic, powerful and guard or tackle to pull lineman in the scheme. Coach Klenakis breaks down each position and their responsibilities, and also details the adjustments needed based on opposing defensive techniques.

Coach Klenakis shares his progression for running the horn play from a 3-by-1 set, a double tight end set and a 2-by-2 set. You'll see how he uses a counting system and a pass run option to take advantage of the defense and their adjustments, while leaving the offense ahead in the game.

Finally, Coach Klenakis moves into a two-part game film session. Various formations are shown, along with detailed adjustments and the responsibilities and techniques each player must execute in order to be successful.

This video shows you how to stretch the defense horizontally while executing a downhill power run play. Make your offense successful this season by maintaining time of possession while still getting the quick strike play you need in your offense.

82 minutes. 2014.

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