The Pistol Down Pass

The Pistol Down Pass
The Pistol Down Pass
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Product Description

  • An easy, aggressive play action pass that allows the offense to attack three different levels of the defense
  • Stretch the field while creating complementary plays off a north-south downhill power running approach
  • Position-by-position rules for the offensive line with line adjustments for success against any front
  • Quarterback responsibilities and mechanics needed for success
with Chris Klenakis, University of Louisville Assistant Coach/Run Game Coordinator

If you run plays from a pistol formation, you need the down pass in your playbook. Chris Klenakis, an innovative offensive line coach who helped develop the pistol offense, details his play action passing game. In this presentation, he explains how the play action pass stresses defenses by forcing them to defend both the run and pass. This gives the offense a clear advantage when throwing the ball, especially when it's been successful running the ball.

The down pass uses a simple yet aggressive blocking scheme that gets your quarterback on the move, adding a run threat to the play. This play is a safe, easy completion that helps you break defensive coverage rules and your own run/pass tendencies. Watch as the drill helps your quarterback become more confident.

Beginning with offensive line assignments, Coach Klenakis shares a complete overview of the blocking scheme for each position, plus the calls or adjustments players make based on what the defense is showing. Using game footage, he covers the basic form of the play and then gives answers to situations that may occur as the defense tries to adjust.

Coach Klenakis also explains quarterback responsibilities and the correct mechanics to attack the defense with confidence. You'll learn how to teach your quarterback to read high to low and to run if covered.

Drawing Xs and Os on the whiteboard, Coach Klenakis then shows game footage to clarify and reinforce the concepts he's introduced. See how this play was used successfully at Nevada, Arkansas and Iowa State. He does a great job of showing the blocking adjustments, quarterback mechanics, and formation adjustments using a wing and motion to pin the defense so the quarterback can break contain.

Coach Klenakis is one of the masters of the pistol offense. His detailed presentation of the down pass is essential for your offense this season. Take this easy-to-implement scheme to your offense to keep defenses off balance and convert those critical third down possessions.

49 minutes. 2014.

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