The Next 60 Feet: Strategic Stealing and Sliding

The Next 60 Feet: Strategic Stealing and Sliding
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Take advantage of aggressive, but smart, baserunning to produce more runs and to win more games!

  • Learn how to take aggressive detailed leads at all bags
  • Learn how to slide into bases utilizing different types of sliding techniques and avoid the five most common base stealing mistakes
  • Train your players on how to make the proper read on the ball to maximize the chances of gaining extra bases
  • Create an efficient and effective practice plan for baserunning that integrates strategic hitting and game-like defense

with Shonda Stanton,
Indiana University Head Coach;
former Marshall University Head Coach;
the winningest coach in Marshall softball history;
2017 Conference USA Coach of the Year;
2013 Conference USA Tournament Champions; 4x Conference champions;
former Coach for the Akron Racers of the Women's Professional Fastpitch League

Put pressure on your opponent and make them make plays. Coach Shonda Stanton has compiled a video featuring a comprehensive set of sliding and baserunning drills to help your team "Take the next 60 feet."

Once on base, from stealing to making aggressive baserunning reads, Coach Stanton teaches what to look for as a coach and runner, and shares 24 drills to put pressure on the opposing defense.

Leads, Stealing, and Sliding

Getting off the base efficiently in the lead is the first step to stealing. Coach Stanton teaches you to avoid the five common base stealing mistakes, most of which start at the base. Learn the three things you need to know and the formula for success in stealing bases, as well as six stealing drills to help you swipe bases more effectively.

Sliding is a major part of the game, and knowing when to use a variation of slides at the right time will help you steal more bases and get more safe calls. Not only does Coach Stanton show you how to teach your players to slide into bases with no fear using six sliding drills, she'll also show various ways to slide and when you should execute each type of slide.


Being smart but aggressive baserunners allows your players to be in scoring position more often. Putting pressure on the other team ultimately leads to making them be perfect in their execution. Be more efficient around the bases and read the ball better with Coach Stanton's nine drills. In the controlled baserunning reads drill, the runners are placed in five common baserunning situations and they have to make reads off a hitter's batted ball. The runners learn to take into account the defense and how each ball is hit when making their reads.

Score more runs with smarter baserunning!

72 minutes. 2017.

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