The Mover/Blocker Offense Set

The Mover/Blocker Offense Set
The Mover/Blocker Offense Set
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  • Control the game by determining which players get which shots at all times on the floor
  • Get 12 set plays to confuse the defense within the Mover-Blocker offense
with Tom Jicha,
John A. Ferguson (FL) High School Head Coach;
former Miami Sunset (FL) Head Coach; 6 regional playoff appearances

The Mover-Blocker offensive scheme is one that is vastly growing across all levels of basketball. Coach Tom Jicha gives you on court step-by-step instruction on how to set up the offense, break down drills, counters, sets and options. You'll see why this offense is one of the most effective in the game today.

Jicha starts with five major reasons for why he uses the Mover-Blocker offense. The offense gives the luxuries of motion, puts the ball in your best player's hands, moves and removes help defense, and has numerous counters and options to exploit the defense.

Mover-Blocker Set Up

The basic structure of the offense is outlined. There are only two roles in this offense: blocker and mover. Coach Jicha outlines the blocker's initial positioning, responsibilities, and areas in which he/she will work. For example, the blocker needs to be able to carry out various screens and learn how to set them for your guards to get open looks. The two main screens are the pin down and flare screen.

Coach Jicha then explains the role of the movers: where they are positioned, movement and how they influence and initiate the offense. Movers basically play 3-on-3 basketball with their defenders and use the blockers to attack and get open shots.

Once the positional responsibilities are completed, Coach Jicha shows the basic motion of the offense, which he calls Circle. This is the base set on which everything else covered later is built from. From there, he covers the five main areas you can expect to get great scoring opportunities:

  1. Straight 3-point shot off the pin down screen
  2. Dump down to post
  3. Back screen layup
  4. Re-screen on the opposite side
  5. Two-man game

Getting the Offense Started

In this segment, Coach Jicha demonstrates five ways to help players initiate the offense when being faced with different defensive tactics. You'll see how to get the offense started by using straight pop outs, crosses, bumps, L-cuts, and dribble hand-offs.

Scoring Options

Coach Jicha covers nine areas of attack to create scoring options. They include back screens, flares, and 7-cuts.

Additionally, he demonstrates seven types of the two-man game that will be found in the offense, four re-screen options and two alternatives for the offense in a secondary set. You'll also learn how to control the offense from the bench. Finally, Coach Jicha discusses how quickly and easily the team can get back into the offense any time the initial options don't work or if the players get lost.

This is a great offense for any middle school or higher coach that only has 2 or 3 scorers, or for coaches who face teams that play great help defense.

66 minutes. 2017.

with Tom Jicha,
John A. Ferguson (FL) High School Head Coach;
former Miami Sunset (FL) Head Coach; 6 regional playoff appearances

Building on his initial video on the Mover-Blocker offense, Tom Jicha focuses on set plays and basic drills and skills. Coach Jicha provides 12 different set plays that can be incorporated when the defense starts to figure out the offense. The sets are great to use after a timeout, end of a quarter, or coming out of halftime. The plays are designed to have the same look as the Mover-Blocker set the defense has seen all game, but allow you to put a quick hit on the defense they won't see coming.

Additionally, Coach Jicha demonstrates the importance of how to teach your players to score in various ways. He goes through drills that helps install the offense and reiterate the skills needed for players to learn every day to make this offense successful.

Set Plays for the Mover-Blocker Offense

Having multiple ways of attacking the defense using same personnel is

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