The Modified Virginia Tech 4-2-5 for High School: Split-Field Coverages

The Modified Virginia Tech 4-2-5 for High School: Split-Field Coverages
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Product Description

Neutralize your opponent's passing attack before they snap the ball!

  • Learn how to install two independent coverages at the same time
  • Utilize robber coverage and see how it can create turnovers for your defense
  • Get a solution to covering 3x1 formations using split field coverage

with Lew Johnston,
Western Branch HS (VA) Football Consultant/Assistant Coach (former Head Coach);
5x District Champions, 4x District "Coach of the Year";
former Nansemond-Suffolk HS (VA) Head Coach;
2015 VISAA Division III State Champions

With today's sophisticated offenses, it's difficult to remain set in one coverage and have success. With "split-field" coverages, your team can run two independent coverages on each side of the ball, which puts the pressure back onto the offense.

In this video, Lew Johnston shares how he utilizes split-field coverages in his state championship defense, which is Johnston's 'Bud Foster/VTech teams'-patterned version of the 4-2-5.

Split Field Coverage

Coach Johnston shares all of his split-field coverage secrets, including the best "read-side" coverages, complementary "away-side" coverages and special "trips" and "empty" coverage combinations.

You'll learn how simple calls off of the release of the number two receiver dictate coverage on the routes. A "line of demarcation" dictates if the receiver is vertical or not. Johnston shares that the "read" side is the strength of the formation and the coverage call is made based on the formation of the receivers. Meanwhile, the "away" side is called for the weak side of the passing strength.

Dare Opponents to Throw the Ball!

Johnston details multiple coverage combinations and even some secondary blitzes. These include coverages that will produce double teams on key receivers, "robber" players that take away easy throws, and surprise blitzes that will leave your opponent at a huge disadvantage. There's also explanation on how to best utilize:

  • Quarters coverage
  • Cover 2 scheme
  • Special calls for single receivers

You'll also see Coach Johnston use a well-designed slide show presentation to break down each split-field coverage with diagrams and discussion.

Split-field coverage is the answer for defending teams that run spread offenses on your schedule. Coach Johnston simplifies the concept in this easy-to-follow instructional video!

39 minutes. 2018.

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