The Modified Virginia Tech 4-2-5 for High School: Man Blitzes & Whole Field Coverages

The Modified Virginia Tech 4-2-5 for High School: Man Blitzes & Whole Field Coverages
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Install aggressive 4-2-5 man blitzes and show no mercy to your opponents!

  • Learn to call inside blitzes that attack both the strong and weak side of any offense
  • Put pressure on spread offenses with perimeter blitzes from the secondary
  • Get whole field coverages that will keep your defense sound and reactive

with Lew Johnston,
Western Branch HS (VA) Football Consultant/Assistant Coach (former Head Coach);
5x District Champions, 4x District "Coach of the Year";
former Nansemond-Suffolk HS (VA) Head Coach;
2015 VISAA Division III State Champions

Stopping today's multiple spread offenses often requires blitzing and playing multiple coverage schemes. Keeping the scheme simple is always the key, and in this video, Lew Johnston shares how he does it in his state championship defense.

Using an informative slide show with detailed instruction and game film, Johnston demonstrates how to attack offenses with aggressive blitz packages and how to use sound, whole field defensive coverages.

Man Blitzes & Whole Field Coverages

Over 12 blitz packages that attack every gap are covered by Johnston. He shares the best way to communicate these blitzes with your players in today's fast-paced game. Additionally, you'll see six whole field coverages that make your defense rock solid on both the front- and back-end.

Coverage rules for how to best use blitzes AND whole field coverage in the multiple 4-2-5 are also provided.

Send the House!

Johnston runs through coverages that will have your defense ready to match any offensive pass combination, while also giving you the option to pressure the quarterback through aggressive blitzing. Some of these blitzes include:

  • A gap and double A gap blitzes
  • B and C gap blitzes
  • Secondary blitzes

You'll also see Coach Johnston use a well-designed slideshow presentation to break down each blitz package with diagrams and discussion.

The simplistic approach to identifying the blitz scheme is what makes this video so valuable to any coach looking to learn more about man blitzes. Allow Coach Johnston to help you make your defense better this season!

50 minutes. 2018.

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