The Modern Swing: Techniques & Drills for Softball

The Modern Swing: Techniques & Drills for Softball
The Modern Swing: Techniques & Drills for Softball
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Product Description

Learn how to break down a hitter to identify and fix technical flaws in their swing
  • Eliminate wasted movement in the swing, build consistent power and perform better at the plate
  • Discover a stance that delivers complete plate coverage and enables the hitter to hit to all parts of the field
  • Learn how to use drills and techniques to develop power in the swing
  • Discover the "Balance-Rhythm-Motion" movement that will provide the most power and consistency

"Coaches, players and parents all will benefit from Charley Lau's wisdom. He provides not only a common sense approach to what makes a great swing, but also a variety of targeted drills to help you build one."
- Tom Verducci
writer for Sports Illustrated; "Baseball Insider" for MLB Network

with Charley Lau, Jr.;
former minor league hitting coach, son of legendary hitting instructor, Charley Lau

Charley Lau, Jr. has been instructing batters of all types for 26 years. He has worked with professional, minor league and amateur hitters. His work with Alex Rodriguez helped him become an 18 year old #1 MLB draft pick. When A-Rod struggled in his first year at the major league level (hitting .232), he went back to Charley Jr. to fix the flaws in his swing. Rodriguez responded with a monster year in 1996 by winning the American League batting title with a .358 average, 36 home runs and 118 RBI. This was the highest increase in production in baseball history. Step into the cage with one of the legendary names in baseball swing instruction. Charley Lau Jr. breaks down the step-by-step mechanics of the modern swing - the same mechanics that some of the biggest names in professional baseball have used to propel their careers.

In the game of softball, pitching is usually the dominant aspect of the game. Now you can give your hitters the edge they need to overcome good pitching with teaching from professional swing instructor Charley Lau Jr..


A hitter will have much more success if she knows what she's trying to achieve mechanically. Coach Lau demonstrates and illustrates his ideas about the mechanics of the softball swing. Starting with the grip, Lau sequentially dissects each movement necessary to build a successful swing.

Drills and working with hitters

It's important that a hitting coach knows what to look for when working with a hitter for the first time. In this presentation, Coach Lau works with four junior college hitters and offers feedback and drills to improve specific swing flaws. He demonstrates five hitting drills that will improve any hitter's swing.

One particular drill Coach Lau uses with several hitters is a No Feet, No Shoulders drill that reduces bodymovement while focusing on swing path and getting good extension. By simplifying the swing and focusing on specific elements, you can help your hitters isolate one part of a complex motion, which helps them develop a feel for the proper bat path.

Questions and Answers

Coach Lau sits down with the hitters to answer several questions they have about hitting and the mental approach. Learn how Lau recommends hitters work on timing and whether it is better to swing hard or under control.

Since Charley Lau Jr. is the son of a legendary major league hitting coach, it's safe to say he's been studying the art of hitting his whole life. Coach Lau covers everything from the mechanics of the softball swing to the mental side of hitting. Let him share his knowledge and lifelong passion for hitting with you!

"Some instructors know how to hit, but cannot teach it effectively. Charley is that rare individual who not only knows the right way to hit, but can also teach these skills - the right way. He knows what he's talking about and how to teach it effectively!" - Customer Review

95 minutes. 2016.

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