The Modern Swing: Techniques & Drills for Baseball

The Modern Swing: Techniques & Drills for Baseball
The Modern Swing: Techniques & Drills for Baseball
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Eliminate wasted movement in the swing, build consistent power and perform better at the plate
  • Learn how to analyze swing flaws and apply the appropriate drills to correct an individual's swing
  • Learn how to adjust the swing without interfering with a player's unique style
  • Discover the "Balance-Rhythm-Motion" movement that will provide the most power and consistency

"Coaches, players and parents all will benefit from Charley Lau's wisdom. He provides not only a common sense approach to what makes a great swing, but also a variety of targeted drills to help you build one."
- Tom Verducci
writer for Sports Illustrated; "Baseball Insider" for MLB Network

with Charley Lau, Jr.;
former minor league hitting coach, son of legendary hitting instructor, Charley Lau

Charley Lau, Jr. has been instructing batters of all types for 26 years. He has worked with professional, minor league and amateur hitters. His work with Alex Rodriguez helped him become an 18 year old #1 MLB draft pick. When A-Rod struggled in his first year at the major league level (hitting .232), he went back to Charley Jr. to fix the flaws in his swing. Rodriguez responded with a monster year in 1996 by winning the American League batting title with a .358 average, 36 home runs and 118 RBI. This was the highest increase in production in baseball history. Step into the cage with one of the legendary names in baseball swing instruction. Charley Lau Jr. breaks down the step-by-step mechanics of the modern swing - the same mechanics that some of the biggest names in professional baseball have used to propel their careers.

You'll learn what makes a great swing and how players can use these absolutes within their own personal swing style. In the cage, Coach Lau diagnoses high school and college hitters' swings and prescribes appropriate drills to correct their flaws. His goal is for athletes of all levels to achieve their most efficient and powerful swing.


The mechanics of the swing are the starting point for Coach Lau. He explains his ideas regarding mechanics, as well as the "whys" of his swing approach. He uses clear language and demonstrations to show bat path, balance, hip rotation and the finish.

Working with Hitters

What should a coach look for when first working with a hitter, and what drills should they use to correct the swing flaws they see? Lau answers these questions and more as he works with eight hitters from the college to youth level, addressing various problems within their swings. He explains each flaw and provides drills to help correct them. By dissecting the swing and eliminating certain elements, he is able to help hitters isolate specific productive movements and feelings that every hitter should duplicate in their full swing.

The hitting is done using front toss and soft toss, and features:

  • Toe Drag Drill, in which the hitter drags the back toe as they swing. This allows the hitter to feel the weight shift to the front leg, from the back leg to a firm front side, which helps the hitter gain a more fluid swing and allows the back side to transfer power to the front.
  • A series of drills that reduces shoulder rotation in the swing. Reduced shoulder rotation allows the batter's hands get to the ball at the correct time and usually in the most direct path. This results a full body swing and not rolling over on the ball - producing a swing that can hit the ball to all fields with power.

And many more!

Batting Practice

Coach Lau ends the hitting clinic with a batting practice session. While the hitters take their swings, Lau offers feedback and correction. He also talks about the proper mentality a hitter should have, which is critical for success,as players must deal failure, especially when trying new things.

Bonus Section: Roundtable Discussion

Listen to Coach Lau and three other experienced coaches talk hitting, including what makes a great hitter and the things they look for in hitters. The coaches also delve into the mental approach of hitting and what to think about while in the batter's box.

From mechanics to mental approach, Coach Lau shares everything you need to know to improve your swing or coach others to hitting success. Using Lau's mechanical information and hitting drills, you can build a swing with the same foundation that Lau Jr. has taught to veteran MLB players.

"Some instructors know how to hit, but cannot teach it effectively. Charley is that rare individual who not only knows the right way to hit, but can also tea

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