The Journey to Extraordinary Coaching

The Journey to Extraordinary Coaching
The Journey to Extraordinary Coaching
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  • Features 3x NCAA Championship Coach Terry Pettit
  • Use Pettit's "Winning Pyramid" to build a successful program
  • Develop championship behaviors for your athletes so they know what is expected of them
with Terry Pettit,
Director of Leadership Academies at the University of Denver and Colorado State University,
former NCAA Championship Coach at Nebraska, 3x National Coach of the Year, USA Volleyball All-Time Great Coach Award Winner

Ever feel discouraged after a less than stellar season? Or overwhelmed by the pressure of maintaining championship teams? Perhaps you are just starting out and trying to get a handle on your coaching philosophy? No matter what your situation, this video can help.

Throughout this glimpse into Terry Pettit's coaching philosophy, he continually inspires coaches of all levels to redefine success beyond just a win-loss record by developing a culture of excellence. As he leads you through the maze of achieving your goals, he points out the importance of developing a purpose and mission for your program.

Purpose should be based on values. Coach Pettit shares that "athletes should play with such joy that other athletes should want to join them." As he reveals stories and anecdotes from his many years of coaching experience, you will begin to share his passion for playing with purpose. A clear sense of purpose is what makes both a coach and a program extraordinary. Helping players take ownership of their goals and purpose is key to successfully creating the right attitude.

Coaching goes beyond the X's and O's. When trying to move from being a good coach to a great coach you must consider the 3R's of coaching: recruiting, requiring and relating. Developing roles, motivating players and creating individual and team goals are all part of becoming a successful coach. Coach Pettit discusses deliberate practices to reinforce skills and then encourages coaches to challenge the team's thinking.

When two teams of equal strength take the court, which team will come out victorious? Coach Pettit shares his pyramid of what he believes to be the key behaviors that need to be changed to create competitive advantage. In a clear, conversational style that draws you in, this video will help you understand the difference in fast thinking vs slow thinking and practical tips on how to use situational and deliberate training to challenge your team's thinking skills. By the end of this video, you will be prepared to step outside the traditional "rules of coaching" and inspire your team toward an attitude of excellence.

Coach Pettit knows how to win and is happy to share his experiences and ideas to help other coaches to achieve a high level of success. He explains that a winning team needs talent, a positive attitude, and strong fundamental skills, and the coach must use a system that is built on the team's talent. Coach Pettit shares his recipe for success!

Produced at the 2012 Iowa Volleyball Coaches clinic.

71 minutes. 2012.

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