The Human Side of Coaching

The Human Side of Coaching
The Human Side of Coaching
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with Jim Dietz, Lincoln Land Community College Head Coach;
He has coached at the NCAA D-1 and high school levels and has coached youth age 8-18 for USAV club programs.

One of the most difficult aspects of any endeavor is the human factor. How will people react, how can you build relationships to bring success? In The Human Side of Coaching", Jim Dietz addresses this issue for novice and experienced coaches alike by using stories and events from his 20+ years of coaching athletes of all ages.

These are broken down into four key categories:

  • How to deal with the emotional, stress, and time commitment issues that are part of coaching.
  • How to emphasize teaching in a gym using educational theories everyone knows (whether you know it or not)
  • Sportsmanship, respect, and the objectives coaches should pursue while instructing young athletes
  • Personal anecdotes relating high and low points across a coaching career and how those moments have shaped Dietz's coaching style and his relationship with players and coaches on both sides of the net.

The Human Side of Coaching", doesn't offer easy answers. Instead, it offers a dialogue with you as a coach to help you grow and improve your team regardless of whether your players are 5'2 or 6'4, 12 years old or 20.

200 pages. 2013.

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