The Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program

The Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program
The Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program
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Product Description

  • Condition your players to create havoc every night out
  • Learn six different dynamic warm-up phases designed to train your players in basketball-specific movements
  • Learn the five basic movements for an effective basketball workout
  • Add intensity and explosiveness to your program using the Litvinov Method
with Daniel Roose, University of Texas Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men's Basketball;
former Virginia Commonwealth University Head Strength and Conditioning Coach;
Nationally certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association; United States Weightlifting Association Level 1 Coach; former Marshall University Strength and Conditioning coach

Strength and conditioning coach Daniel Roose guides you through a workout session that is essential for preparing your players to create havoc from tip to buzzer.

Roose explains that incoming players have to learn the basics of strength training before entering into this advanced workout that has helped VCU become a top defensive program over the past few years.

Coach Roose shows six dynamic warm-up phases to warm-up muscles and increase heart rate. Within the six phases you will get three general warm-up phases that prepare the player's body for any workout followed by three basketball-specific warm-ups that help players learn to control their body and accelerate/decelerate mimicking game-like movements on the floor.

Learn five basic training movements: squat, hinge, push, pull, and loaded carry. Roose provides four examples of each movement. These moves are simple to replicate, allowing you to pick and choose which exercises meet your player's needs as you build your own strength and conditioning workout.

Roose uses non-conventional, off-court exercises to improve conditioning and keep players from feeling beat up over the course of a season. He uses the Litvinov Method to increase heart rate and condition players. Using this concept, players perform a heavy lift from the basic movement section with a fast and explosive exercise. He also includes a metabolic workout and provides details on how he uses it in-season and during the off-season.

VCU has fielded one of the most intense defensive teams in the country in recent years and it's no surprised that their training has helped them earn their reputation. This workout is very well developed and can easily be implemented with athletes who have a basic knowledge of the lifts used. Your players will love conditioning as they realize their improvement on and off the court. This season, condition your athletes to wreak 94 feet of havoc on their opponents.

50 minutes. 2013.

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