The Game-Ready Approach to Softball Practice

The Game-Ready Approach to Softball Practice
The Game-Ready Approach to Softball Practice
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Product Description

  • Save practice time by simultaneously building your athletes' skills and fitness
  • Discover warm-up throws that activate the muscles, create 12-6 backspin, and drill-in proper mechanics
  • Run infield practice that covers ground balls, bunts, throws to the bases, and double plays
  • Develop outfield skills to improve reads, catching, and conditioning while also emphasizing quick, accurate throws
  • Teach team defense that connects infielders to infielders, outfielders to infielders and creates excellent communication across the field
  • Get your players into a base-running progression that focuses on footwork and connection to the coaches
with Mike Estes,
Eckerd College Assistant Coach;
former East Lake (FL) High School Head Coach;
Finished 2011 ranked in the Top 10 in Nation

In this practical approach to team softball practice, Mike Estes takes you through a logical practice progression that includes throwing, infield, outfield, team defense, and base running.

Every practice ends with each player crossing home plate (with a special technique that reduces the risk of injury) to finish with a score. In between, Coach Estes leads the team through a highly organized practice that includes 20 game-ready drills, teaching and reinforcing proper movements while also making sure each player is practicing what they will actually need to do in a game.

Estes presents drills and insights into proper technique including various ready positions, short throws, flips, slingshot throws, corner bunt coverage, double plays, deep fly balls, flares, hitting the cut-off, one-hop throws from the outfield, throwing home on a do-or-die, as well as base-running footwork for lead offs, returns, and scoring.

This approach to practice builds conditioning elements directly into the drills, so your players will improve their skills and their fitness simultaneously.

Coach Estes' practice approach will put your players in game-ready condition, physically, mentally, and mechanically, giving them experience handling game-time movements and giving your team the chance to dominate on defense while also picking up some "cheap" runs with great base running on offense.

88 minutes. 2012.

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