The Fundamentals of Hitting

The Fundamentals of Hitting
The Fundamentals of Hitting
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  • Learn key techniques to hitting with power and consistency
  • Discover six common flaws and why they're harmful to your hitter's swings
  • Take a hitting lesson from USA National Team Hitting Coach Gordon Eakin
with Gordon Eakin, BYU Head Coach;
former USA National Team Hitting Coach;
3x MWC Coach of the Year (2009-11); has led BYU to six conference championship titles; over 400 career victories; in 10 years as head coach, Eakin has guided BYU to the top-10 nationally six times in slugging percentage, six times in home runs per game, four times in batting average and four times in scoring;

Here is your chance to get one-on-one hitting instruction from USA National Team Hitting Coach and BYU Head Softball Coach Gordon Eakin. In this DVD, Coach Eakin delivers an in-depth look at the fundamentals of hitting, reveals his hitting philosophy, and discusses essential mechanics for successful hitting.

Coach Eakin covers a broad variety of topics, including mental toughness, hitting with a plan, differences between hitters, and more. These are valuable tidbits of information because much of what Eakin discusses is often overlooked.

Six Qualities of a Great Hitter
Learn the six qualities you need to become a great hitter; mental toughness, balance, visual recognition, quick hands, patient aggressiveness, and the ability to be on time to the ball.

Pre-Swing (Stance, presence, promotion, and the stride and load)
In the next segment, Coach Eakin explains and identifies more than 10 aspects of the proper athletic stance, covering everything from hand placement to where to stand in the batter's box. He also talks about presence in the batter's box and pre-motion movement to keep hitters loose and to create a strong foundation for the swing. Eakin also discusses the stride and load, as well as six variations of this basic movement. The stride and load is important for balance and is used as a timing mechanism.

Principles and Mechanics of Hitting
After the movements of the pre-swing are complete, Coach Eakin identifies seven key principles of the swing that lead to successful hitting. These principles cover everything from proper use of the legs in the weight shift, to body posture, to hitting through the ball with the arms and hands. These seven characteristics each play a key role in hitting with power and consistency.

Adding Rhythm
Coach Eakin leaves no stone unturned! In the next segment he discusses the importance of a hitter adding rhythm to their swing. The hitter's swing must be both strong and loose. Eakin believes that the body has two halves, with each half being responsible for a different attribute. The legs must be strong and provides the strength in the swing, but from the waist up, the body must be loose. To elaborate on this, Eakin stresses developing leg strength and proper hand movements.

Hitting potpourri
Coach Eakin concludes the DVD by discussing contact points, hitting no-no's, and good hitting mentality. Eakin identifies six common flaws hitter's often face, as well as why these flaws are harmful to an efficient swing. It is important to know and recognize these flaws, as well as how to correct them, to have a fundamentally correct swing.

Coach Eakin provides a thorough overview of all of the important aspects of hitting. Although he covers hitting mechanics in-depth, Eakin's philosophies on hitting go well beyond basic mechanics. Coach Eakin provides a great holistic view of what it takes to be a successful hitter at any level.

88 minutes. 2013.

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