The Fundamentals of Creating a Havoc Defense

The Fundamentals of Creating a Havoc Defense
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Use the HAVOC philosophy to build a championship defensive culture!

  • Learn how to set up and execute circuit stations that emphasize turnover drills, or "havoc plays"
  • Discover several creative variations of the pursuit drill that incorporate tempo and takeaways
  • Coach Campbell shares his philosophy on defense that includes different disguises to keep the offense off balance

with BJ Campbell,
Montana Tech Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach;
back-to-back Frontier Conference Champions (2015-16)

Under Coach Campbell's direction, the Montana Tech Defense finished in the top 25 in the nation in eight categories in 2016, including 11th in scoring defense, holding opponents to 19.2 points per game. This followed a 2015 season in which his defense finished in the top 25 nationally in seven categories. He has guided at least one linebacker to All-Conference honors in each of his six seasons as coach.

BJ Campbell has created an exciting and aggressive defense designed to not only stop opponents, but take the ball away from them. Based on a 3-4 scheme, his "Havoc Defense" utilizes multiple fronts and blitzes to confuse and put pressure on his opponents. Campbell shows you how to develop your players so they become a concrete expression of his philosophy.

Coach Campbell builds an attack defense from the foundation up. He starts by defending his choice of the 3-4 hybrid. He continues by defining the style of play necessary for success within this scheme. He creates an identity for his defense so that each player becomes a functioning part of his philosophy, stressing awareness, effort, creating turnovers, and an aggressive approach to defense. This develops players to be more reactive than cerebral. He changes the point system on his defensive stats to support his "Havoc" style, reinforcing his definition of attack.

Drills to Build the HAVOC Culture

During this presentation, Coach Campbell presents some of the key team drills that are used during practice at Montana Tech, and, how these drills use his philosophy and build a culture that is reflective of that philosophy. You'll learn:

  • Which key areas of practice are charted to create competition in practice
  • A unique way to teach perimeter run force and team pursuit
  • The "Tempo Pursuit" drill that is used to build awareness of formations and motions, while stressing awareness of the ball and a turnover mentality
  • Key coaching points used to teach interception and fumble returns to your players

Montana Tech Havoc and Block Destruction Circuits

Coach Campbell shares two circuits that he uses to teach tackling, block destruction, and turnover fundamentals in a short period of time. You'll see how the HAVOC circuit teaches tackling and turnover creation fundamentals through a variety of drills that are position-specific. Additionally, you'll learn the techniques that Coach Campbell and his staff teach to their players to deliver blows and escape from blocks with good leverage.

Using practice and game video, Coach Campbell covers the important concepts and skills needed for success. He shows several team drills and many individual circuit drills that focus or reinforce his basic attack philosophy. Even if you don't embrace his 3-4 multiple front concept, there are many elements in this video that you can apply to any defensive scheme.

104 minutes. 2017.

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