The Foundation of Serving

The Foundation of Serving
The Foundation of Serving
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  • Learn valuable strategies for teaching the five parts to serving
  • Learn to break down the contact point for serving for more consistent control in contacting the ball
  • Teach the Float serve with four simple steps
  • Teach a very simple method to target serving
with Jeff Lipton, Stevens Institute of Technology Head Coach

Teaching proper technique and fundamentals to young players is essential for player development. This is especially true with serving as developing bad habits is easy to do if a player uses incorrect technique at a young age.

Jeff Lipton breaks down the steps to become elite servers showing you easy to follow strategies for teaching serving with a point of view geared towards younger kids.

Coach Lipton explains the four teaching keys that he uses to teach the serve. These keys will touch on areas of the serve such as the stance, toss, swing and contact point. Proper stance and footwork before ball contact prepares the server to be consistent in her approach to serve. Middle of the hand to the middle of the ball will give will give servers maximum contact and control for the speed and direction of the serve.

Drills are demonstrated throughout the video to. After each phase of the serve is completely explained and shown, Lipton presents drills that show what the keys look like and how to correct errors in techniques. These drills include partner drills, target drills to hit specific zones to help the servers to be more effective and drills where the athlete competes against themselves. Lipton shows an outstanding drill of personal competition where coaches can give different point values to different positions on the court depending on where the area of focus is for that team or practice.

This DVD is a very good source for all levels on giving skills to the young players to become elite volleyball servers. The concept and drills will help your players grow from a novice into elite servers..

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

45 minutes. 2013.

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