The Flexbone Triple Option Run Game

The Flexbone Triple Option Run Game
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Product Description

Discover a versatile, multiple running attack that takes advantage of an undisciplined defense!

  • Create a run game that limits the number of possessions in a game so you will always have an opportunity to win, regardless of your talent level
  • Identify the "give" and "pitch" keys of several defenses
  • See a blocking scheme that is simple and explosive versus almost any front and also adjusts for defensive stunts

with Aaron Hafner,
Olathe Northwest (KS) High School Head Coach;
former Luther College Head Coach;
former William Penn University Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
2010 Midwest League Champions; 2008 Midwest League Assistant Coach of the Year

Coach Hafner's Flexbone attack led the Iowa Conference for five straight seasons (2013-17). During that time his offense ranked in the top-10 of the NCAA D-III in rushing yards per game, including finishing second in 2014. In 2017, Luther set a single season school record of 3,409 rushing yards and also tied the single game rushing record (579).

The Flexbone offense can win championships at every level because of its ability to run the ball and produce big plays in the passing game. This is your opportunity to learn what makes the Flexbone so difficult to defend!

Aaron Hafner uses a PowerPoint as well as game film to break down the dynamic run game in his Flexbone offense. The offense is diagrammed against odd and even defenses as well as the adjustments used versus each front.

The Flexbone has a read key and pitch key on each play. Coach Hafner believes in teaching the entire team both on every play implemented so everyone has a better understanding of the offense and so players will have fewer mental mistakes on game day.

Three Triple Option Plays

Coach Hafner uses diagrams and shows several clips of game footage to illustrate three triple option plays. Each play is designed to attack a specific gap, which allows the offense to read a specific player rather than block that player. Hafner shows examples of each play with adjustments against several common defensive fronts, including the 4-3, 6-1, 3-3, 3-4, and bear defensive fronts. You will:

  • Learn the basic inside veer play which attacks the B gap, including how to identify the dive key and pitch key against several different fronts.
  • Learn the midline triple play which attacks the A gap and allows the offense to read a dominant interior lineman.
  • Learn the outside veer play which attacks the C gap and allows for the quarterback to get to the perimeter more quickly. It also allows the offense to attack a tight end side with a triple option scheme.
  • See how Hafner uses formations, motions, and various personnel groups to give the defense different looks while maintaining the same plays for his offense.

Three Double Option Schemes

Coach Hafner diagrams the midline, belly option, and counter or freeze option against various defensive fronts, complete with several adjustments to each play. The double option series is designed to attack a specific gap, but only involves the quarterback making one read rather than two. These plays are a perfect complement to the triple option series that form the base of the Flexbone scheme. You will learn:

  • The midline option play which attacks the A gap like the midline triple, but features a give or QB keep option rather than a pitch component. Hafner diagrams this play against several defenses and offers key coaching points for all players to carry out their assignments.
  • The belly option scheme that is designed to look like inside veer, but takes advantage of a hard squeezing defensive end. This scheme gives the offense an extra blocker at the point of attack and can be a potent weapon.
  • The counter and freeze option play which gives the offense a counter scheme while maintaining a pitch phase. Hafner also explains when to use the freeze tag and how it only changes two players' responsibilities.

Two Non-Option Plays

Coach Hafner concludes this presentation by diagramming the rocket toss and zone dive plays. These plays allow the offense to get the ball to a specific player rather than having to go through an option progression, and are designed to complement the option series. You will learn: