The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Outside Veer

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Outside Veer
The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Outside Veer
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Product Description

  • Install the easiest short yard play in the option game
  • Train your QB to get a pre-snap read of the defense and get your offense into the best play for the down and distance situation
  • Learn to utilize the TE and unbalanced formations to make the Outside Veer even more effective
with Art Craig, Timberland (SC) High School Head Coach;
2011 2A State Champs; over a 4-year span (2008-11), Craig's teams have averaged 40 points a game running the Pistol Flexbone

When the game is on the line and you need a touchdown to win, the Outside Veer is your go-to play. Everyone on the field and in the stands will know it's coming, yet it can't be stopped.

When defenses load up to stop the inside veer Art Craig goes to his outside veer and gashes the defense for big yardage. Utilizing the outside veer within Craig's "Wolf-Gun" Offense you will experience:

  • How easy it is to install into your offense
  • The ability to attack the edge of a defense with lightning speed
  • A tremendous goal line play that is almost impossible to stop
  • Offensive formations that can outnumber and dominsate the defense
  • Practice strategies and drills to make your own Flexbone Pistol Offense unstoppable
The outside veer has always been a difficult play to stop. Out of the Flexbone Pistol the quarterback is 2 1/2 yards off the line of scrimmage and has more time to read his key for the dive or keep. This takes the outside veer to a whole new level and gets the ball to the edge of the defense quickly.

In addition to the sheer power this play possess, it is also easy to install. Coach Craig shows you the multiple formation packages he uses to stress the defense to the breaking point. Implementation of the special two-handed center snap is discussed and shown with practice video.

Coach Craig has his players work on the veer tree to master the mesh and mechanics of the outside veer in the off season and every Monday and Tuesday during the season. You will see video action of his players executing on the tree and learn the importance of making your own tree.

After you learn how to run the outside veer out of the Flexbone Pistol, Coach Craig shows you the outside veer using game footage to help you better understand the offense. Craig goes through game film and points out the weaknesses in the different defenses that he faces and the areas he likes to attack. He goes through the different areas of the field and the different situations in which the outside veer is most effective.

Give your offense a change up to the inside veer and gain big yards this season using the outside veer play!

63 minutes. 2012.

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