The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Midline Veer

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Midline Veer
The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Midline Veer
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  • Tips to better coach your QB on making the correct hand-off / pull reads in the Flexbone Pistol Offense
  • Implement a quick and error free two handed snap for the Center and Quarterback exchange
  • Complement the inside and outside veer with a true midline option veer attack to keep the defense honest
with Art Craig, Timberland (SC) High School Head Coach;
2011 2A State Champs; over a 4-year span (2008-11), Craig's teams have averaged 40 points a game running the Pistol Flexbone

In an era when all football coaches are looking for the next creative scheme and competitive advantage, Art Craig has merged two powerful, effective systems into one. He calls it The Timberland Wolf-Gun.

When you run the Midline Option from the Flexbone Pistol you get:

  • A cutting edge offensive scheme that blends the flexbone veer with the pistol formation
  • An explosive running play to a three technique defensive tackle
  • One of the toughest-to-stop short yardage plays in football
  • Blocking angles on every defender to break long runs
The key to the offense is a special two-hand center snap to a quarterback who is only 2 1/2 yards deep. This depth off the line allows the quarterback space and more time for his reads. Coach Craig, through his PowerPoint presentation, covers his off-season and in-season practice schedules for the center and quarterback. He defines the key points to the 2 handed "flip snap" and how that is practiced, including stance and hand placement.

Coach Craig shows you the multiple formation packages he uses to stress the defense to the breaking point. Master the mesh and mechanics of the Midline Option in the off season using Craig's unique options tree.

After showing you the mechanics, Craig diagrams the blocking scheme for the Midline before showing you game footage of the play from multiple formations as he coaches you up. One major advantage in the option game; you don't have to have overpowering offensive linemen. The Midline allows you to read a 3-technique defensive lineman to dive or keep--no one is assigned to block him. The Midline compliments the Inside Veer that is run to the 1-technique. This combination allows you to attack either side of the defense with an option attack.

Coach Craig's mix of "chalk talk" and game footage demonstrates how to incorporate motion and thoroughly details the nuances of executing the Midline versus all defensive fronts and adjustments.

With over 1-hour of run time, this DVD will help any coach looking for an innovative change with chapters explaining the advantages of the Midline, the implementation of the snap, the basics of the play, the "option tree" steps, practice drills and skills, and game-day cutups. Package this DVD with the Flexbone Pisotl Inside & Outside Veer videos and you too can see how his dynamic offense can dominate any defense.

62 minutes. 2012.

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