The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Inside Veer

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Inside Veer
The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Inside Veer
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Product Description

  • Learn this cutting edge offensive scheme that blends the flexbone veer with the pistol formation
  • See over 24 different formations, with motions, to outnumber your opponent at the point of attack
  • Allow your quarterback to easily see the defensive alignment and make better checks
  • Learn the most effective center-snap technique for the Pistol formation
  • See diagrams that illustrate the blocking assignment for each player
with Art Craig, Timberland (SC) High School Head Coach;
2011 2A State Champs; over a 4-year span (2008-11), Craig's teams have averaged 40 points a game running the Pistol Flexbone

This triple read, inside veer offense out of the shotgun is a unique concept that creates an offense your opponents will not want to line up against! For Art Craig, this proven offense has allowed his team to average 40 points per game and produced a state championship in 2011.

In this football DVD, Coach Craig lays out the differences between the standard Flexbone and his "Wolf-Gun" Offense and then shows you the multiple formation packages he uses to stress the defense to the breaking point. Using PowerPoint, coaching points, and game footage, Coach Craig will help you implement the Inside Veer into your Pistol Flexbone Offense.

Through his PowerPoint presentation, he outlines off-season and in-season practice schedules for the center and quarterback. He defines the key points to the two-handed "flip snap" and how it's practiced, including stance and hand placement. He also details the quarterback's stance and footwork through the use of his Option Tree to help create a more decisive quarterback.

Craig covers the key points to running the Inside Veer including how to use formations and motions to control your opponent's defense. Additionally, he covers his key points to the read and pitch, including drills to enhance these concepts.

Using game footage, Craig gives you a great look at his Inside Veer attack vs. various defensive fronts. You will be able to study the use of formations and no-huddle principles to gain an advantage on the opponent. Using practice video, Craig teaches the Inside Veer footwork for the quarterback using a progression from individual work up to adding a fullback.

As a bonus, Craig points out the importance of "thinking outside the box" and provides video of the tweaks he has made such as going to a no-back look.

If you want to put in an offense to dominate your opponent with the use of multiple formations and motions, the Pistol Flexbone is your answer. By adding the Inside Veer you will stretch and compress the defense on every snap!

69 minutes. 2012

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